Samurai Shiatsu Program

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We are very excited to offer our Samurai-Shiatsu program. This Program is all about mindfulness and respect and is currently being used in 7 countries around the world.
The programme helps children to improve

–       body awareness: how to let go of tension and become relaxed

–       posture i.e. slumped shoulders, slouching

–       gross and fine motor skills

–       concentration

In addition, children learn about ’self-empowerment` in a playful way – they experience how they can affect positive change through simple means – for themselves and others.

The Samurai-Programme is introduced through a picture story about two Japanese Samurai children. The Programme is clearly structured and designed so that children will be able to carry out the Shiatsu moves independently and effectively after three sessions. In addition, they will learn a little about Japanese culture and language.

The introduction into Samurai-Shiatsu is led by a specially trained Samurai-Shiatsu Trainer.  We attend class once a week for 3 weeks and practise the Programme together with the children and their teacher. This means the class can easily continue the Programme afterwards.

The Samurai-Programme was developed by Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke (child physio therapist and international Shiatsu teacher)  and her husband Thomas Wernicke (General Practitioner and specialist in baby and child treatment). The Programme’s aim is to enable all participants to integrate the Shiatsu treatment sequences and movement exercises into daily school life.

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