Food is Medicine

I have a passion For Food & I have a Passion for Health.

I have a passion for keeping my family healthy using wholefoods that are in seasonal and have the ability to not only heal and maintain there health, but that also taste great.  Not always an easy task.

Today we live in a world where processed foods are the norm.  With too many additives to count, we treat food as something to just fill us up.  But food is so much more.

It is a gift.  It will nourish us to make us grow, it will give us energy & it will keep us healthy so that we can fulfill our full potential. 

We would never let our children smoke or play on the road because it is bad for their health & dangerous.   However, being told that they should avoid fried food or packets of processed chips that are artificial & filled with chemicals & can be just as dangerous to there health, we react like our favorite toy has been taken away.

“But they like that.  It’s ok, its just food”. 

But its not OK!  Processed foods are contributing to a epidemic of obesity, diabetes & heart disease.  According to resent research if our children continue with there current diet, parents of today will out live their children. This is a scary thought!!

We need to get back to basics.  Back to including foods our grandparents ate.  Back to simple foods, cooked at home & not out of a container or from a drive-thru.   Encouraging my children from an early age to help grow food & be apart of the cooking process, I believe has helped to  stimulate a healthy appetite.  They love stealing the tomatoes from the vine & collecting the eggs.  You don’t have to live on a big property to be healthy.  You can grow food in pots, on the balcony or herbs in a container on the kitchen bench.

Often the process of changing eating habits is a daunting task.  But it doesn’t need to be.  Baby steps are all that are needed.  It may be as simple as changing from white bread to a whole grain bread.  Changing from margarine to butter, or from low fat, high sugar yoghurts to a natural organic brand.

Once upon a time….

A Greek Physician named Hippocrates (460-377 BC), who has been described as the founder of modern medicine believed the key to vibrant health was a commitment to fitness and a healthy diet.  Hippocrates believed that health was the natural human state and that sickness was the anomaly. It was his belief that a person could leverage all that was available in nature to assist the body to achieve its natural state of health.

He insisted that prevention to disease was the primary focus of healthcare and this was achieved through a diet of nutritional food and exercise to prevent sickness and improve one’s overall health.

He was quoted as saying,


Hippocrates teachings stressed the importance of prevention of disease, not just the treatment of symptoms. Wise teachings from a man who lived over 2300 years ago!

Today we need to instill these principle in our children.  Teach them that what they eat really does matter & will have a huge impact on their future health & the health of their children.

“We need to nurture & nourish our bodies and those of our children by return to basics, encourage eating whole food, eating seasonally & listening to our bodies & our intuition in regards to our children.  Treat illness naturally where possible & using nature to help guide us in our decisions.”  Suzy McCleary.  Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine