Seasonal Nutrition

Importance of eating seasonal foodfour seasons

How do we take care of our children?  We do so by living according to nature, eating seasonal food & keeping life simple.  Traditional Chinese Medicine views seasonal eating as the cornerstone to good health, both physically & emotionally.

There are numerous reasons as to why it is important to eat foods that are in season.  Different parts of the world produce vastly different produce at different times of the year.  This is why when you go to your local supermarket you often have produce available that is completely out of season for your area. The fact is, that particular produce has had to travel thousands of kilometres to get to your local store.  Not only does this have a huge impact on the quality of the food and  its nutritional value, but also on the environment & your local community.

However, eating food from a particular season can not only help the body meet season specific challenges, but by eating local & seasonal food you support local producers, reduce the impact in the environment from transporting the food, create local jobs and keep money in the community.

Have you ever wondered why oranges are in abundance during the winter.  That is because they are rich in vitamin C which is important to help support your immune system, essential for the cold & flu season! Why is watermelon at its best in Summer? Because it is cooling in nature & helps relieve summertime heat!

For a fantastic website with great information about seasonal food including where to buy in Australia click on the image below.


Seasonal Food Guide Australia