Emotional Wellbeing

Improve your emotional wellbeing 

Chinese medicine can assist in the treatment of a wide range of mental health disorders including stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

These disorders can be triggered by your general health and constitution, challenging life situations, trauma, alcohol and drug abuse, chronic pain, hormonal fluctuations and sometimes there may be no obvious cause.

The effects of Stress.

Stress typically slows down your energy (Qi) and blood flow in the body causing tension and discomfort.  Different emotions tend to damage specific organs when they become excessive or prolonged, for example excessive joy damages the heart, prolonged worrying damages the spleen which is attributed to (digestion).

The approach

In Chinese medicine is to calm and relax the mind and restore the energy (Qi) flow in the body. Any underlying imbalances in Yin-Yang, blood-fluids or organ physiology are addressed.  This is often achieved with a combination of acupuncture and herbal treatment the therapeutic use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and wellbeing.

Chinese medicine provides an alternative to conventional drug therapy.