Pediatric Tuina (Massage)

  • Pediatric massimages-1age, or Tui na is an ancient form of Chinese massage. It can be a highly effective modality for treating commonly encountered childhood diseases. It is gentle, safe & is easily accepted by young children.
  • These techniques activate the self-healing power through gentle stimulation of different areas of the body, including the hand, back, chest & legs. Chinese pediatric massage is useful for treating children up to the age of twelve, however, the younger the child is, the more effective the pediatric massage.
  • There are a specific repertoire of points that are paticular to children which can treat illnesses including poor appetite, colic, sleep disturbances, constipation, cough & asthma.
  • Usually a Chinese pediatric massage treatment lasts 20 minutes and is typically performed with the child clothed or in their underwear. Chinese pediatric massage usually needs to be done frequently: every day for a couple of days for acute conditions and every other day for chronic conditions.
  • Together with a healthy diet & lifestyle, pediatric tuina, can also strengthen the immune system & support the physical & overall development of your baby or child. The massage techniques also supports the emotional development & is great way for parents to bond with their babies.
  • Always seek a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner to ensure your child is correctly assessed & that you are correctly taught the right techniques.

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