Baby Teething

teethingAccording to Traditional Chinese Medicine the signs & symptoms of teething are often related to an internal imbalance mainly affecting your baby’s digestive system.

However the good news is that it may be easily corrected using these simple, yet effective natural remedies.

Here are four ways to ease and comfort a teething child:

  • Ensure your baby eats a simple diet of easily digestible, nutritionally dense foods, including cooked vegetables & small amounts of well cooked grains, fruit & meat, provided they have started solids.   Avoid any processed foods or foods that are greasy or full of refined flour & sugar.
  • Chamomile Tea is another favorite for relieving the discomfort of teething. By dipping a face washer in freshly brewed tea which has cooled & allowing your baby to suck on it, the chamomile relieves the irritability as well as the pain. An excellent all natural homeopathic remedy is Weleda’s Baby Teething Powder. Made with Chamomilla root 20x (Chamomile root) & Conchae 6x (Oyster shell) it helps soothe irritation and lessens the pain associated with teething as well as calm irritabilityPersonally I found this worked brilliantly!!

Teething 1

  • Acupressure. There are a number of specific acupuncture points that you can massage to help relieve the discomfort of teething. These include a point located between the thumb & forefinger (known as LI 4). This can be used in combination with Liv 3 found between the big & second toe. Together, they can ease baby’s teething pain.  Another important points is St 36 .This point promotes digestion & with LI 4 is especially good for dental pain. Each point can be massaged for 1-2 minutes using gentle yet firm pressure.
  • Make an appointment with your Acupuncturist for an effective treatment to rebalance your baby’s digestive system & help ease the pain & discomfort of teething. Acupuncture can calm the nervous system and clear inflammation making it an excellent choice for teething babies.

    This ensures a better night sleep for the whole family.

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