Class: Mother Baby Group Shiatsu

This class is for babies of at least 7 weeks up to babies that are not yet crawling.

Easy to learn massage techniques Bonding with your baby Developmental Milestones The importance of tummy time and proper application

Baby Shiatsu is a 3-part class.
Each session is 60 minutes.
Cost $80 upfront payment for 3 sessions.

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6 Truths About the Not-so-sweet Side of Sugar

A number of Australian’s consume more than the recommended daily amount of sugar. Sadly, most of us are addicted to sugar, which happens to be hidden in most of the foods and drinks we consume. Added sugar can cause a whole array of problems that can be short term as well as long term. If you are experiencing health problems,

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6 Alternative Treatments to Help with Arthritis


For those with arthritis, exercise, no matter how little you do, is one of the best natural treatments. For those with severe arthritis, even the smallest amount of walking can make a difference. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for those with arthritis because it puts the least amount of impact on the joints. Strengthening exercises

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